2011 – Manning Bar – Sydney – Australia

Dreadnaught is close to being Australia’s longest continually running metal band.  Over the past 25 years they have established themselves as a cornerstone for Australia’s heavy music audiences. A band that continually re-invents and refines a sound that is unique to heavy music genres, Dreadnaught have become entwined in the history of Australian rock and metal.

2016 saw the release of the “Caught the Vultures Sleeping” LP, the bands 7th studio recording, which has been heralded as a return to the progressive thrash and death metal elements of mid-nineties Dreadnaught. “Caught the Vultures Sleeping” is 44 minutes of unadulterated heaviness and the band’s first release to be made available on 12” vinyl (Cat# TB0009 – Rocket Distribution)

Forming in Melbourne Australia during 1992 and before signing to Roadrunner Australia in 1999 Dreadnaught self-financed and released “Body.Blood.Skin.Mind” (LP CD – 1996) and “Idiosyncrasy” (EP CD – 1998). The next Roadrunner release, “Down To Zero” (LP CD – 1999), received critical acclaim, U.K., European and U.S. airplay, and was released in the U.S. and Europe through The Music Cartel.

2002 saw the release of an EP, “One Piece Missing”, again through Roadrunner Australia. Three years later “Dirty Music” (LP CD 2005) was completed and then released a year later as a double CD containing videos and a compilation of older material and previously unreleased tracks.

May 2009 saw the release of the “Dreadnaught” self-titled LP CD and shows a partial transition from the more rock orientated releases of previous years to a crossover thrash-metal style more representative of the bands early releases. ‘[D->0]’ was also released in Japan later in 2009 and was followed up with a tour of both Australia and Japan.

Dreadnaught have frequented venues big and small around Australia many times including supports with Testament, Strapping Young Lad, Nevermore, Paradise Lost, and Cathedral to name a few. As well as slots on leading Australian metal and rock festivals Dreadnaught have shared the stage with some great Australian metal bands such as Mortal Sin, Alchemist, Blood Duster, King Parrot, Desecrator, Lord, Truth Corroded, Desecrator and many more.

Dreadnaught celebrated 21 years in existence with a mini-festival in Melbourne, held at the Reverence Hotel the sold out show featured 17 of Australia’s current heavy bands and some old favourites.

2017 sees the continued live show promotion of “Caught the Vultures Sleeping” and pre-production of material for the next release.

“Caught the Vultures Sleeping” is available as Vinyl LP and CD from Nerve Gas, as well all the usual digital platforms. Dreadnaught’s back catalogue is available at record stores in Australia and Japan, as well as from iTunes and other digital outlets, and